Program Schedule

Note that the schedule and event times are in EDT.
Oct 19, Monday (Oct 20, Tuesday in Asia)
Trilateral Kick-Off and Gender, Diversity, and STEM in Japan, ROK, and the U.S.
Oct 20, Tuesday (Oct 21, Wednesday in Asia)
Encouraging More Girls to Pursue STEM and Strengthening the Pipeline from University to Private Industry
Oct 21, Wednesday (Oct 22, Thursday in Asia)
The Enabling Environment Needed to Support Women to Excel in STEM
Oct 22, Thursday (Oct 23, Friday in Asia)
Looking Ahead, The Future of Work and the Next Generation of Women STEM Leaders.

Welcome and U.S. Keynote Address

Ambassador Kelley E. Currie

Panel Webinar: Gender, Diversity, and STEM in Japan, ROK, and the U.S.: Where Do We Stand?

Experts on women in STEM in their respective countries will briefly present data and trends on women’s participation in STEM fields in each country, highlighting progress, challenges, and promising approaches....
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Ginko Kawano
Heisook Lee
Kathleen (Taffy) Kingscott
Donna Milgram

Invite Only Virtual Networking Kick Off: Breaking Down Barriers Through Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Supportive Networks

Leading technologists from premier tech firms will launch this networking session by offering brief remarks on strategies to build supportive relationships among women STEM leaders, from within individual companies and across sectors. Participants...
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Aisha Bowe
Naomi Kurahara
Yujin Chung
Lucy Lee

Welcome and Korea Keynote Address

Deputy Minister Lee Seong-ho

Panel Webinar: Cracking the Code: How to Encourage More Girls to Pursue STEM

Panelists from academia and the private sector will share innovative strategies to challenge societal prejudices and assumptions that steer young girls away from STEM pursuits. What needs to happen in...
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Liz Lee
Sachiko Nakajima
Tara Chklovski
Dylan Davis

Panel Webinar: Strengthening the Pipeline from University to Private Industry

Perspectives from the private sector and leading researchers will highlight how to create a supportive ecosystem in which female young professionals can land STEM jobs after graduation, build successful early...
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Catherine Kaseri Ohura
Hyo-Suk Lim
Natalia Villalobos
Debra Knopman

Welcome and Japan Keynote Address

Ambassador Atsuko Nishimura

Special Remarks from Members of U.S. Congress

Nancy Yuan
Rep. Jim Baird
Sen. Jacky Rosen

Panel Webinar: Legal and Regulatory Environment: Policies that Help or Hinder Women’s Advancement in STEM

How can governments, companies, and academia create policies to encourage the advancement of women in STEM fields? Panelists will discuss the ways in which policies and regulations can better address...
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Kathy Matsui
So Young Kim
Tea Trumbic
Karen Marrongelle

Panel Webinar: Gender Norms and STEM: Family Decision-Making, the Unpaid Care Burden, and the Challenges/Benefits of Creating Diverse Teams

STEM fields remain heavily male-dominated, fostering unequal gender norms that result in disproportionate number of women leaving their chosen fields over time due to many factors including unequal care burdens...
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Kong-Joo Lee
Ying Wories (Lin)
Yukako Uchinaga
Eileen Pennington

Panel Webinar: STEM, Gender and the Future of Work in ROK, Japan and the U.S

Technology is changing the future of work far beyond STEM fields. What will it take for women to overcome both new and long-established challenges to fully seize emerging opportunities in...
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Ahn Hye-yeon
Elizabeth Wilke
Kazuo Yamaguchi
Elizabeth Romanoff Silva

Virtual Networking and Key Takeaways

Participants will share key takeaways, recommendations, next steps. The following small group moderators will help facilitate this session: Jiwon Kim Sofia Shakil Stephanie Ortoleva Kukhee Choo Lucy Lee Ying Wories Jin...
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Paula Uniacke

Closing Summit Address by Ambassador Kelley Currie

Remarks from Assistant Secretary Manisha Singh and closing summit address by Ambassador Kelley Currie.




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